May 17, 2022

Setting up business in UAE free zones

2 min read

UAE is a place where dreamers go and conquer. It was not like this before. In some past years they have developed their self as an innovative and visionary nation. They have made some super attractive places and locations. They have made strategies to attract foreign investor to invest in RAK offshore company. In short, they have made a friendly place for people who are full with potential. In UAE there are many free zones in which mainly they have UAE auto zone, business setup in Dubai south, UAE airport free zone, UAE health care city, UAE internet city, UAE production city and many more. 

By this strategy UAE is designed to boost up their international businesses to the unexpected level. They even provide 100% ownership to their expatriates. Which is really convenient for people from other countries? There are many few countries in this world who offer such amazing deal to their expatriates. The process of registering your company as UAE free zone company usually takes up to 3 to 4 weeks of time. After the decision from the government the main person has to find and reserve their company name. After that they have to look for office places on rent. Then they have to do some legal activities like deeds for establishment and articles of association. They also have to open an account and deposit it with a limited share of their capital. Then the part of budget allocation comes. Then the final step is to get an official license according to your business requirement. 

The best thing about setting up a free zone company is the tax is totally exempted in this scenario. Secondly the investors get the 100% ownership in their name. UAE has become a hub for setting up new businesses they support you in every way possible. The policies are so friendly for residents. They have an amazing balance of financial stability. They even have this policy of no corporate tax for 15 years and after that they give the option to renew it for other next 15 years which is so motivating for expatriates. They have also policies that the place to take for rent is under limited scenarios which are pretty basic that you have to give rent before due date and no illegal activities are allowed in the business premises. Because they supervise every bit of your business. And they want your business to grow.