December 4, 2023

Benefits of foot massage

2 min read

After having a long day of walking around and standing up, one loves to have a foot massage that helps in relaxing. Other than just relaxing feet swelling there are also many benefits of foot massage. Different health benefits are attained by having a foot reflexology massage.

There are many different ways to give a foot massage one of them is by physiotherapy in Dubai. It includes Acupressure in which pressure points are pressed to relax the body and increase energy flow. On rubbing, the muscles and joints of the body are relaxed too. Aromatherapy is the kind in which scented oils are used to create a scented environment that also relax senses other than muscles.

Here is the list of all the benefits a foot massage that are proven by scientific research. The health benefits can be seen within few days or after two to three sessions of foot massage in a week:

  • A few scented candles with oil massage can set you in a perfect mood for night. With massage, light music also helps in relaxing the muscles and other senses of the body. Massaging on feet leads to mild arousal and one can move up to other erogenous zones by massaging.
  • The lifestyle we are accustomed with these days does not include exercise of muscles and proper circulation of blood in the body. Wearing of tight and uncomfortable shoes and no exercise leads towards lower circulation and stiffness of muscles. On having a massage before bedtime enhances circulation. It is an important technique to increase blood circulation in Diabetic patient.
  • Joint pain and injury can be treated by foot massage because it reduces muscle soreness and swelling. If the ankles and feet exercises are done then it helps in increasing the strength of your feet and prevent future injuries. These exercises for two to five times per week can help in recovering existing injuries.
  • This technique can also help in treating patients of depression and anxiety. Frequent sessions of this technique significantly lower the anxiety levels.
  • A study was conducted on the patients suffering from headache and migraine. It was reported that the patients stopped their medications for three months and they used reflexology foot massage that led towards improvement in decreasing the frequency of migraines and in some cases prevention of headache.
  • Blood pressure is one of the most common condition these days. Stress and unhealthy diet can cause high blood pressure. Foot massage can also help in decreasing blood pressure and enhances the feeling of well-being.