August 4, 2021

How to Start a Coffee Shop?

2 min read

Coffee is consumed every day worldwide. It is estimated that in the U.S and UAE. There are almost 450 million cups consumed everyday which means that every person above 18 years of age consumes 3 or 3 and a half cups a day. It is not only a trend by also a need and you can become a supplier of this need by opening a coffee shop. Starbucks alone has more than 32000 branches spread in the whole world. Not only coffee, but coffee owners also have small snacks in the shop and people have a normal breakfast there. There are many ways of opening a coffee shop, you can buy a franchise. And to buy a franchise you have to go through many terms and conditions and the business decisions will be made for you. You also have to pay a franchise fee and a security deposit as well plus you need to give a business plan too.

You can also buy an existing business or which people also say buying a running business. But finding a business which is profitable is not an easy task. Anyone, who is selling the business has a reason and mostly they are selling it because the business needs investment and people don’t have. You need to see that the existing staff is good or not and what is the current condition of the business. Or you can start your own brand from scratch. For that you need to buy a shop or rent a shop in a location anywhere near a metro or a subway. Or in a business street. Also, you need to understand that why and how a coffee shop becomes famous, either they are giving extra coffee for free when ordering a breakfast or they have a very special coffee.

If you have made up your mind about the place, make sure to get the best coffee beans and the best coffee makers. Coffee makers should be one of a kind that makes coffee fast and succulent. Many coffees shops shop from the best coffee beans in Abu Dhabi and get the machines from the local coffee machine suppliers in Dubai. Also, provide the best customer services, make sure that the staff is trained and they know about the menu. After time to time, introduce new things in the menu.