December 5, 2021

Tips for trouble free process of custom clearance

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Tips for trouble free process of custom clearance

Who doesn’t want their process of custom clearance to be trouble free? I guess everybody does. But, people often make mistakes and this why their process of custom clearance is not smooth. Below are some tips for trouble free process of custom clearance Dubai.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to find a customs agent. Customs agents are basically the specialists of logistics who helps in the trouble free process of custom clearance. They make sure that the person’s shipment is according to the standards, rules and regulations for either exporting the products or importing the products. Customs agents develop the custom arrival and guides with all the essential documentation, taxes, charges, tasks, etc.
  2. When sending your shipment, it is necessary that you know the rules and regulations of the country from where you are sending your goods and also the rules and regulations of the country to where you are sending your stuff.

There are some goods and items that are prohibited and can neither be exported nor be imported. So, you should have a look on the official register of goods so that you know which stuff is banned and which stuff can be shipped easily.

However, some banned goods can still be sent if they get a permission in written form but those goods should be according to the standards. If you ship goods otherwise, you will have to pay huge amount of penalties.

  • There are some countries that have put restrictions on the importing and exporting of particular products because of some reasons. So, when sending your shipment, make sure you know about those restrictions in order to have trouble free process of clearance.

For instance, there are some particular goods that can be sent up to certain quantities. Also, there are restriction on the packings as well. There are also restrictions on the licensing.

  • To begin the process of custom clearance, your customs agent will need the essential paperwork. The documents most commonly needed are the list of packing, invoice, origin certificate, etc. In some cases, the permission letter and licensing are also required so the process of customs clearance can be completed.
  • The proper packaging should be done so as to make sure that your goods remain safe and doesn’t come across any damage throughout the process. Countries have set their own requirements for packaging of goods. Make sure you know them and pack your goods according to that.

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