January 26, 2023

Quick guide to vegan cakes

2 min read

Vegan is a person who completely boycotts with consumption of animal by products or dairy – surviving on vegetables, fruits and etc. For a person who strictly obeys the law of vegan it becomes hard to choose their food and eat whatever they like freely. It becomes harder when it comes to the cakes. People are left weighing the pros and cons of having a bite of the delicious looking sweet cake or sacrificing their cravings for the sake of veganism. This is not the case anymore as there are vegan cake order online options available which will provide you cruelty free dairy free cakes that will help you in keeping your vegan diet continued and still enjoy the delish cake.

It is important to understand why eggs were used in cakes in the first place. If we take a look at a simple cake, the job of an egg is to give it a good rise and add a soft texture by creating bubbles in the batter that would help in achieving good results. This is just one of the many reasons why egg is necessary in cakes as in other dishes it would may serve a different purpose such as cookies. In cookies, an egg is used as binding agent because cookie needs dough and not a batter which are two different things. There are different substitutes of egg which can help you in achieving the same taste and flavour through a different product. 

Many bakeries make sure to use such products which are animal free as even substitute of eggs can be still having animal by products. Bakeries usually choose products such as banana sauce or apple sauce or a variety of different things that will help in giving good moisture to the cake. But because apple sauce etc is not egg, it would not give the same kind of light fluffiness to the end product. You don’t have to worry much as high class bakery have qualifies professional chefs who switch the recipe easily by incorporating baking soda in it which help balance out the different textures and produce same results. A few tricks here and there and you won’t even feel like you’re having a vegan free cake because it tastes just the same making it the best birthday cake in Dubai.