February 21, 2024

Home Remedies to Whiten Your Teeth

2 min read

Striking white teeth can be very attractive and it enhances the smile as well. But some people have to struggle a lot in keeping those teeth white. This is because some people have strong enamel and some don’t. And if you are from those people with weak enamel, don’t think it is your mistake because there are more than many reasons with which the enamel gets weak. Enamel gets weak when you have eaten a lot of candies in the early age or sometimes this is inherited, so, don’t blame yourself, you just have to work extra hard to keep that enamel white.

Weak enamel people have to mouth wash or brush twice if they are regular coffee or tea drinkers, because coffee, red wine, dark colored sodas and juices and tea are the beverages that leave stains. They don’t leave instant stains but they leave the stains in the long run. If you have any previous gum disease or any other dental problem, such issues can lead to yellowing the teeth. Some people who take a lot of medicines daily, and some of those medicines can have particular chemicals which can cause the same issue. Dentists recommend that to brush 30 minutes before or after eating and drinking for people who are sensitive to such products. And there is bad news for smokers as well, if you want to keep your teeth as white as snow, you have to leave smoking or reduce smoking. But there is good news for smokers as well, there are many smokers tooth paste that have extra baking soda which cleans and whitens the teeth.

Another best and cheap method is that you cannot ignore the benefits of flossing and brushing each day twice a day. If you don’t brush regularly, your enamel will get weak and your teeth will get exposed to yellowing your teeth. This will reduce the level of bacteria and plaque which will eventually get more whitening teeth. If you have a great love for sugar, you need to cut down on it because sugar promotes streptococcus mutans in the mouth which causes the teeth to get yellow.There are many whitening teeth devices and procedures which will get your teeth shining and sparkling. You can purchase different devices from the best dental clinic in Dubai and if you have any misaligned teeth, you can get dental braces in Dubai as well.