February 21, 2024

Treatments for urinary incontinence

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Urinary incontinence refers to the medical condition where frequent or immediate urgency to urinate results in leak. Men and women are likely to suffer from this condition yet women are more inclined to the condition. There are several different causes of urinary incontinence such as pregnancy, diseases and medical conditions, kidney dysfunction and many more. The good news is that urinary incontinence treatment Dubai is available and helps the patients through the condition. Here are some of those treatments mentioned below:

  • Behavioural modification

This basically means that you will have to bring modifications to your own behaviour in order to manage the condition. This could mean practicing self control and limiting your diet. Minimizing intake of liquid fluids and eliminating coffee from the diet as it can cause irritation to your bladder.

  • Medication

There are different kinds of medications which can be prescribed to you by your doctor. The main role of these medications is to block chemical messages in nerves present in the bladder. This helps in increasing the capacity of bladder by relaxing the muscles around.

  • Injections

There are certain medical injects as well which can help in the tightening of the urethra wall which would help in stopping the sudden leakage. This one is preferred by most women because it is convenient.

  • Botox

Most women are familiar with botox, but those who aren’t have a good chance to consider botox injections for overactive bladder and calming it down. It is helpful for different things such as stretch mark removal Dubai and cosmetic purposes. Though these injections last quite a while, you may want to consider getting them re-injected in a few months.

  • Physical therapy

There are many different kinds of physical therapy and exercises which you can opt for. Mainly the ones which focus on strengthening your pelvic floor would be brilliant. Pelvic area is the one responsible for management of urinary flow, so if the pelvic floor is strengthened, it can surely help with incontinence.

  • Vaginal inserts

These are removable vaginal inserts which prevents the stress imposed due to the incontinence. This should be done after doctor’s recommendation and keeping the health of patient under consideration.

There are many other treatments you can aim for, just make sure that you choose the one which is convenient for you.