February 21, 2024

Places to Visit in Dubai for Art and Design Lovers

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Dubai has always been offering a perfect and unique blend of modern and remote eye-catching views for its tourists from all around the globe. From tall buildings to underwater marine life, synthetic islands to arcades, fountains to the seashore and the series continues, Dubai has been the spectacular tourist attraction destination.

Many of us are well-aware of all these sights of Dubai because they are readily shown by media. But most of us will be unaware of Dubai’s traditional side which is a fabulous place for art lovers. In recent years, Dubai’s art and design has reached new heights. This superb contemporary city is now becoming an art hub. One always returns back home with a variety of tales to share with their family members.

There is a long list of extra-ordinary and phenomenal places which an art and design lover can visit in Dubai. Some of these astonishing places have been discussed below.

Cuadro Fine Art Gallery

If one wants to know about the modern and immediate side of Dubai then they should surely pay a visit to this art gallery. This gallery is rich in the world of modern art and design. It also covers up four most important areas which are related to education, exhibition, residence and consultation.

This gallery has been providing a variety of panel discussions by top artists. This is done so the tourists can benefit and they can make better usage of their existing art and design techniques. One is also able to display their paintings which in return are quite beneficial for young upcoming artists.

Mleiha Archaeological Centre

If one is interested in knowing about the Arab civilization’s history and their culture then they should not miss the chance to visit “Mleiha Archaeological Center”. One will be able to explore a variety of unique artifacts and different information about fossils. They will also gain knowledge about individuals who were inhabitants of such regions. If one is in love with the shiny sparkling night sky even then they should visit this “Mleiha Archaeological Center”. There is something amazing for stargazers too. This museum has been arranging different tours accompanied with worth playing activities along the Safari desert. This all makes an individual’s experience quite overwhelming and memorable. 

Opera Gallery

This gallery’s foundation was laid down by a French artist in “Paris” in the year 1994 but it was later shifted to Dubai. There are a variety of galleries and all of them are worth seeing. But Opera Gallery has attracted a wide range of tourists from all around the globe due to the presence of the finest and up-to-date art designs. It is a well-reputed art gallery in Dubai which has never compromised on integrity. It has one of the top and excellent art pieces due to which it has become the center of attention for a variety of tourists.

Whenever one visits Dubai they should surely visit these mesmerizing art and design galleries.

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